Samsung Galaxy Fold release date could see it go head to head with iPhone 11

(Image credit: Future)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been on a bumpy road since being announced in February (literally, as it got recalled for durability issues) but it looks like the end is in sight, because a new rumored release date is just around the corner.

According to Korean site The Investor, which has published previous Galaxy Fold rumors before, the foldable phone will be available between September 18-20 in the US and Korea, with a global rollout to follow.

We'd previously heard rumors that the folding handset would be released in September, but this is the most precise date range we've had so far, and it's likely that Samsung officials have a good idea of the release date.

Apple's probably not too happy with the release date though, as that's exactly when we were expecting to see the company unveil the new iPhone 11.

We normally see the newest iPhone generation launched at the beginning of September, but we're expecting it to be a little bit later than previous years in 2019 thanks to consumer tech event IFA 2019 running until September 11, which will likely cause Apple to push back its launch event.

So which will consumers on the market pick, a brand new iPhone 11, or the intriguing Samsung Galaxy Fold? While iPhones are incredibly expensive, we're still expecting the Galaxy Fold to double a standard iPhone's price tag, so Apple will probably win this fight. 

But as the device uses brand new tech, people with the money to splash may just do so on the Galaxy Fold (which is hopefully now durable enough to withstand it).

Tom Bedford

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