Samsung Galaxy devices join Android Enterprise Recommended range

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
(Image credit: Future)

Samsung is enrolling several of its smartphones and tablets into the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) programme, a Google initiative that guarantees a minimum standard of security and business capability.

The Korean mobile giant has made several efforts to increase its share of the business market in recent years, expanding its range of services and increasing the level of support it can provide business customers.

It now offers enterprise editions of its flagship Galaxy devices that include enhanced support and the promise of four years of regular Android and Samsung security updates. All devices are protected by Samsung Knox, a hardware-level security platform that provides administrators with a high degree of flexibility over policies, permissions, and configuration.

Samsung Android Enterprise

Samsung says its efforts have ensured it goes beyond the minimum requirements expected of AER participants and hopes to inspire confidence in enterprises looking to integrate mobile technologies into their IT environments.

“Samsung is committed to helping our enterprise customers modernize their business for the digital age with an industry-leading offering that includes customizable hardware, easy-to-manage software and end-to-end security,” said KC Choi, head of Samsung’s global mobile B2B team.

“By joining the Android Enterprise Recommended program, we are making it even easier for enterprise customers to build a mobile experience that protects employees, keeps them engaged and enhances operational efficiency by meeting and exceeding Google’s standards for security, productivity and flexibility.”

The two companies have worked together on business mobility for a decade and as the largest and most high-profile Android manufacturer, Samsung’s participation in the AER is a huge boost for Google’s programme.

The combined forces of digital transformation and a global pandemic mean organisations of all sizes view mobile as a way to drive efficiencies and enable new ways of working. Both Google and Samsung hope to secure as much of this market as possible.

“We are excited to welcome Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets to the Android Enterprise Recommended program building upon our longstanding partnership to deliver great mobile experiences to businesses,” said David Still, Managing Director of Android Enterprise, Google. “Samsung’s participation in the program ensures Google’s customers have access to devices that offer outstanding security, efficiency and productivity and we look forward to working together more in the future.”

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