Best business SIM-only deals in 2022

best SIM deals for business

In this guide to the best SIM deals for business, we look at which contracts you should go for that offer SIM cards for your existing equipment, while also providing the data, calls and other features you'll need.

Thanks to the rise of BYOD (bring your own device), many companies have found that you don't need to supply handsets to its employees, but instead offer SIM cards that they can use with their existing handsets. This can save you and your business money, as the SIM-only deals are a lot cheaper than contracts where you're also paying for a smartphone.

If your company is thinking of signing up for a SIM only contract, then you've come to the right place. We’ve looked at the best SIM only deals from all the main mobile phone operators in the UK (the four big networks and three MVNOs) and, in no order of preference, here are the ones we think are the best for micro, small and medium businesses. (Note that Three doesn’t do SIM-only for businesses and is therefore excluded from our listing).

It should also be noted that companies do not have to report anything to HM Revenue and Customs or deduct or pay tax and national insurance if they provide the employees with one SIM card (or mobile phone) and the phone contract is between the employer and the service provider. 


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The cheapest around for data-hungry users 

Unlimited minutes | Unlimited texts| 20GB data | 12-month contract | £16.67

Should you agree to sign a 12-month contract, then Vodafone’s Red bundle is possibly the best offer in the UK. You get unlimited data, minutes (usable both in the UK and in the EU) and a whopping 20GB data to use with an extra 4GB to be used in the EU in 40 countries; you can always opt for the WorldTraveller option which allows you to use your UK allowance in an additional 58 countries worldwide for a fiver a day. Vodafone also offers a 30-day money-back warranty. Check out this deal on Vodafone’s website


best SIM deals for business

Terrific for globe-trotters 

Unlimited minutes | Unlimited texts| 20GB data | 12-month contract | £16

The Telefonica-owned company offers one of the most impressive packages in the line-up. It has also got a major price drop, falling to just £16 a month (down from £24). Not only do you have unlimited minutes and texts in the UK and across Europe (well, there is a fair usage limit of 2,000 minutes and 2,000 texts in the EU), you also get 3GB to use in the EU and 100 UK to EU minutes. Great if you travel a lot to mainland Europe. O2 also offers a 30-day optional contract for an extra £2 per month. 

View this deal on O2’s website


best SIM deals for business

It has a unique selling point 

Unlimited minutes | Unlimited texts| 10GB data | 12-month contract | £25 

O2 might win when it comes to versatility but EE almost grabs the top spot when it comes to sheer value for money. It undercuts its main rival yet offers the same core features (unlimited data and texts, but data is slightly less at 10GB). EE also upgraded its network to superfast 4GEE and you can even share your plan with three co-workers on the same bill; Note that, unlike many competitors, tethering and VOIP are allowed. 

View this deal on EE’s website


best SIM deals for business

Not the most attractive package on offer 

Unlimited minutes | Unlimited texts| 20GB data | 12-month contract | £30

EE is now owned by BT and yet somehow, the former easily trumps the latter when it comes to value for money. Just to put things in context, the equivalent BT package to the one above costs a whopping £72 a month, that’s an extra £52 compared to EE’s (or a 260% premium). You can choose to double your 4G speed to up to 60MBps for £4 per month and you will get access to five million BT Wi-Fi hotspots. This deal has also just got much better, as data has been doubled from 10GB per month to 20GB, without any additional costs!

View this deal on BT’s website

 Virgin Media Business

best SIM deals for business

Excellent for dual-play 

Big Data | Unlimited minutes | Unlimited texts| 3GB data | 12-month contract | £7

If you plan to get mobile SIM-only services packaged with broadband, then the Big Data offer from VMB is worth looking at. The mobile service is underpinned by EE’s infrastructure and therefore like Co-op, provides with unlimited minutes and texts. Save £2 per month per SIM package if you opt for VMB’s Managed Internet Access package. Sadly, there is no sharer package for teams. 

View this deal on Virgin Media Business’ website

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