Rode's new mobile vlogging kits turn your smartphone into a portable studio

Rode vlogging kit
(Image credit: Rode)
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In the midst of the chaos that is Black Friday, famed studio microphone company Rode has today launched a range of mobile kits aimed at vloggers, including all the accessories and components you'll need to turn your smartphone into a portable studio.

Each of the three kits share most of their inclusions and features, but one will have a microphone compatible with Lightning connectors for iOS devices, another for USB-C compatible devices, and the third with a standard 3.5mm plug for a more versatile range of applications.

Specifically, this means that the Lightning kit will include the Rode VideoMic Me-L, the USB-C kit has the VideoMic Me-C, and the 3.5mm option comes with the VideoMicro.

Rode vlogging kit

(Image credit: Rode)

Shared across the kits is a trio of previously unreleased accessories. The Tripod 2 and its gimbal head can be folded out to sit on a desk or similar surface, or when folded up can be used as a handheld grip.

The SmartGrip can be attached to the tripod's gimbal and securely grip your smartphone with its rubber cladding, while the Rode MicroLED sits on this rig in order to provide better lighting for the subject. 

Currently, all three kits are available in the US for $149 with pricing and availability for the UK and Australia to be announced in the coming weeks.

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