Red Hydrogen One spec leak reveals more about the mystery smartphone

There's still not an awful lot of official information about the Red Hydrogen One smartphone, even though it was first announced more than a year ago, but a new leak appears to reveal a range of specs.

The specs come via an infographic picked up by Android Central, and show that the handset will come with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a microSD card slot, dual 8.3MP front-facing cameras and dual 12.3MP rear cameras.

We also get some information on various design points, including a headphone jack on the top of the handset, a USB-C port on the base, a physical camera shutter key low on the right, and a centralized power/lock button on the same side with an integrated fingerprint scanner.

None of these features are particularly ground-breaking, but then there's the screen. 

Listed in this leak as a "5.7-inch 2D and Holographic H4V LCD" display, previous information from the company claims the handset can offer 3D visuals - although we're yet to see proof of this.

A leaked infographic appears to reveal the specs (credit: Android Central)

A leaked infographic appears to reveal the specs (credit: Android Central)

When will it arrive?

There's also a pogo connector on the year, giving the phone the option of modular expansion, much like we've seen on the Motorola Z series with MotoMods.

The main issue surrounding the Red Hydrogen One is its release date. Originally it was slated for a 'Summer' (June-September) 2018 arrival, with the company then saying August 2018.

Red has further delayed the launch of its first smartphone though, with the release postponed for the time being. In short, it's not clear when this handset will actually go one sale.

Via Android Authority

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