Realme TV with a 43-inch panel clears BIS certification

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Realme’s foray as a tech-lifestyle brand seems to have advanced a bit forward as the news of Realme TV getting BIS certified has just come in.

Late last year, Realme announced its intentions to move beyond smartphones into other product categories. These were later revealed to be a fitness tracker, a smart speaker, a smartwatch, and a TV. While the Realme Band was recently unveiled, and information on the other products is scarce, we believe that the Realme smart TV will be the next one to come to India. The company had earlier targetted Q2 for its launch, but it remains to be seen how the current lockdown affects that.

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Digit was able to spot the Realme TV on the Bureau of Indian Standards’ website as “Realme TV 43”, which is likely to be an indication of the panel size. It’s listed as an LED TV, which was also an unconfirmed spec to date. Interestingly, reverse searching using the model number “JSC55LSQL” also shows a second TV from Sansui, which is another player in the TV space. Both products seem to originate in the same factory in Guangdong, China. 

A 43-inch panel is smaller than most current TVs, especially when compared to the competition. It could imply that Realme is trying to create a budget television in its first attempt. The Realme TV was certified on February 26, 2020. No other models or variants have been listed yet.

There’s not much that has been revealed or leaked about the Realme TV. All we know is that it will be a smart TV (likely to run a version of Android TV), which will have some level of additional features that can be accessed with a smartphone. It will be a part of the Realme Link ecosystem.

While the Realme TV may be in its last stages of development, it could be logistically delayed as India and other countries are in an ongoing precautionary lockdown, which could go on for weeks.

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