Smartwatch or smartglass - which will you be wearing?

Conversely, believing that colleagues, partners or bosses would be comfortable with us having a constant stream of distractions fed to our retinas in the form of some kind of headwear still seems a little far-fetched.

With the additional accessory of a high-resolution camera, the smartglasses become not only a potential privacy debate for tabloids to faun over but also something that will likely be banned in a variety of locations or institutions.

Smartwatches will be first to mass-market

So for now, smartwatch it is. The Apple Watch, iWatch, iWrist, iTime or whatever iNalogy it decides to go with will of course be incredibly popular.

It isn't going to be the cheapest of the wearables by a long way but Apple's intentions with the previous generation iPod Nano and wrist-strap accessories showed a glimpse in the direction Apple is likely to go.

It's difficult to see Apple making a watch as just an accessory to a smartphone akin to the Pebble, because, as with every other portable device they've ever produced, it has to stand up on its own if it's going to be the consumer's device of choice for pouring money in to Apple's lap - indeed it could even be marketed as the 'Next iPhone'.

It goes without saying that Samsung will introduce something similar, likely at a cheaper price point than Apple, and many other brands such as LG will jump on the wagon right behind them.

If this year isn't, then 2014 will be the year of the smartwatch, when being concerned with details such as the time and date will be a minor function of whichever brand you choose.

You'll be wondering what you ever did without one and we can only hope that being head-down and glued to your smartphone will be replaced by scores of us checking our watches repetitively as if time had suddenly gained a whole new level of importance.