Asus ZenWatch may land in November

Asus ZenWatch may launch in November, and be hard to get hold of
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The Asus ZenWatch is one of the most anticipated Android Wear watches, and while the latest indications suggest it'll be released this November, it may be very hard to get hold of at first.

Despite arriving a while after the first wave of Android Wear watches, the Asus ZenWatch will be available in very, very limited quantities at first according to VR-Zone China.

The site talks specifically about the ZenWatch's Taiwanese launch. But as that's where Asus is based, the watch's launch could be delayed even further in other territories like the US and UK.

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Asus has not announced any official ZenWatch release date information, other than suggesting that it'll be available this year. If we're to take this latest rumour seriously, we might be lucky to see a half-dozen of the things arrive on our shores in 2014.

The Asus ZenWatch originally caught our attention as one of the most natural-looking Android Wear watches. It uses a leather strap for a less techy look, and the smooth curves of its face give the ZenWatch a more, well, watch-like appearance than some alternatives.

The Asus ZenWatch will cost around £159.99 in the UK, although the US price is yet to be officially announced. This makes it cheaper than LG G Watch R and Motorola Moto 360.

If only we could actually get hold of one.

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