Jawbone takes its wearables to the next level with the UP3

Jawbone UP3
Jawbone is Upping the competition

With the Apple Watch, Microsoft Band and Android Wear devices all pushing the wearable hype train up a gear, it's no surprise that fitness tracking stalwarts are "upping" their game.

Following the announcement of the Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge, Jawbone has announced the arrival of two new Up branded trackers, led by the multi-sensor UP3.

In addition to the traditional accelerometer inside the previous UP bands, the UP3 introduces new bioimpedence and temperature sensors to deliver additional data for even more insights into your health.

Initially, these sensors will be used to capture resting heart rate – or your heart rate at the moment you wake up – but future firmware updates will deliver additional features, including your active heart rate and more.

Up, Up and away

The extra sensors will also allow the UP3 to deliver more detailed data over everything delivered in previous versions.

For a start, the UP3 will deliver details not just on your light and deep sleep cycles, but can also track REM sleep.

It will also be able to automatically detect activities. So instead of manually adding exercise sessions via the UP app, the UP3 will know when you go for a run, play a game of tennis or lift some weights.


Not a bit of a fixer-Upper

Naturally, the UP3 has a touch of Yves Behar in its appearance. Immediately familiar, the new band still has a definite design shift over the previous versions.

For a start, the UP3 now has a unique side-clasping watch strap, which allows the new sensors to rest against the skin.

The slim band – which will be available in black and silver at launch – and the design tweaks means that the UP3 is waterproof to 10 metres, so it can be worn while swimming.

The UP3 also promises seven day battery life, making it a truly 24/7 tracker.

The new UP3 will cost $AU229.99 / $US179.99 (approx £125), and is set to launch around Christmas.

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