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Huge Kindle Paperwhite pre-orders push back delivery date

Huge Kindle Paperwhite pre-orders push back delivery date
Kindle Paperwhite - a novel idea

The Kindle Paperwhite looks to have been a major hit for Amazon before it even hits the market, with the company now delaying the delivery date of the device for anyone who has not yet pre-ordered.

The Kindle Paperwhite attracted a huge amount of attention when it was launched alongside the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The obvious benefit of a backlight meant that something of its ilk was inevitable, but the extraordinary battery life on offer stole a few headlines from its tablet brethren.


And clearly that's translated into interest from the public, with Amazon confirming on its US order page that there would be an extended waiting period for anyone who hadn't already pre-ordered.

"Due to popular demand, orders placed today are expected to ship the week of October 22nd. Limit five per customer" stated Amazon.

So for those lucky enough to have already submitted their order, you should be getting your new Paperwhite on October 1, but for anyone late to the pre-order party expect a three week delay.

But on the bright side, it looks like you will still have yours well before anyone outside of the US.

Via Cnet