Next-gen Living Control music servers debut

You can control the Living Control MusicBox-NT using everything from a Mac or PC to the Nokia N800 pictured here

Multi-room specialist Living Control has updated its music server range with five new MusicBox models. The company - which builds all its products in the UK - says it has added even more performance and convenience, including iPod synchronisation and the ability to listen to podcasts.

Each of the servers offers an easy-to-use interface and have auto media import features - handy for getting CD, DVD, PC and internet content on to the servers themselves. The line-up stacks up like this:

MusicBox-NT (£3,995)

This network-friendly music server comes with Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet connections enabling it to be controlled by your PC, Mac, mobile phone, PDA or Nokia N800 . It comes with five independent audio-video outputs and has a 500GB hard drive upgradeable internally to 2TB (terabytes).

MusicBox 5 (£3,395)

Like the NT above, the MusicBox can deliver content to five different rooms simultaneously and has a 400GB hard disk drive as standard, upgradeable to 2TB.

MusicBox WiFi (£3,595)

This version has the same hard drive spec as the MusicBox 5, but adds 802.11b/g networking for "wireless internet access, digital file transfer and control".

MusicBox1 (£2,350)

This low-end model has a 250GB hard disk (upgradeable to 2TB), and a single output - handy if you just want somewhere to keep all your music and video, without the multi-room bit.