Hands on: Samsung Papyrus eBook reader

Samsung was demonstrating its Papyrus eBook reader at its European Forum event in Vienna today. Seen by keen spotters at CES in January, we were able to get up close with the device today.

The reader will launch this summer in Korea, but the Samsung representative we spoke to couldn't confirm if the device would launch in the UK.

So far, it's been spotted in a lovely teal colour as well as black and pink, so expect various finishes when and if it emerges. The design is easy on the eye, while the aluminium stylus very pleasant to use – it slots into the bottom side of the device.

However, it's not all good news, the model we played with was extremely sluggish and very unresponsive at loading apps like the calendar or world clock, or when turning pages of a book.

The Samsung representative seemed to intimate that we should slow down our touches rather than saying that the device would be sped up for its release.

In terms of interface (if not speed), it's very usable and we really liked the notes app. In any screen, simply clicking the home button in the top left returns you to the main menu screen, which presents programs as a simple grid.

The leatherette pouch and finish of the device itself is of a high quality and we certainly didn't get the impression that this was any kind of early model, more that it was a final piece of kit.

Connectivity is via USB only, so there is no storage card slot.


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