Google Glass may be close to a UK release

Google Glass may be very close to a UK release
Google Glass - in the eyes of the law

Google Glass vs driving - it's the latest battle for Google's wearable tech, despite the fact it isn't even available to buy yet.

While it was starting to look like Glass on the road would be a no-no by the time it arrived in the UK, The Sunday Times reports that Google has been negotiating with the UK Department of Transport to make its glasses road-ready.

Google making moves to have Glass safe for British roads suggests that it could be gearing up for a UK release reasonably soon.


Last year the Department for Transportation (DfT) said that it was in discussion with the police to make sure that people would not use Glass and other similar devices while driving. But going on what it's saying now, it seems like Google may have persuaded it to change its mind.

"We have met with Google to discuss the implications of the current law for Google Glass," said a DfT source.

"Google are anxious their products do not pose a road safety risk and are currently considering options to allow the technology to be used in accordance with the law."

A spokesperson for the DfT told TechRadar that a conversation had indeed taken place, but declined to comment further.

Right now we're expecting Google Glass to launch at least in the US towards the middle of 2014.

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