Pokémon Go Fest, Niantic’s big legendary Pokémon event, is a bust

Pokémon Go Fest, Niantic’s hyped milestone event that promised legendary Pokémon to players both inside Chicago and around the world, is a bust. 

Due to myriad technical issues including both connectivity and server-side issues, players will be leaving Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois empty handed. 

Niantic has already stated that it will provide some 15 to 20,000 event-goers a full refund, in addition to $100 of in-game credit to make up for the lost time and long-lasting disappointment of leaving without one of the legendary Pokémon they had their eyes set on. 

Other sites have reported that cell service in the area of Grant Park, the event’s location, was understandably shaky – but, even when players were able to get through, the game seemed buggy and in some cases completely broken. 

Players, understandably outraged at the situation, yelled remarks at the event’s emcee and in some cases threw water bottles towards the stage. 

The event was supposed to be a major milestone celebrating the game’s one-year anniversary since it launched in 2016. It was marketed as an event that would unite fans together in one place and provide them the first crack at catching one of the until-now-nonexistent legendary monsters should certain requirements have been fulfilled by the event goers.  

Unfortunately, none of that looks possible now.

Niantic hasn't yet announced what it will do about the worldwide roll-out of legendary Pokémon. Though, for the time being, it has larger Corphish to fry.

Nick Pino

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