Red Epic cam footage of Amazing Spider-Man 'best ever'

Red Epic - current filmmakers' cam of choice
Red Epic - current filmmakers' cam of choicefilmmakers

The Amazing Spider-Man may not be out for another year but some footage of the movie has already been shown, with John Schwartzman, cinematographer of the movie, said it is the "best images I have ever seen."

Now you would expect the creator of the footage to be 'happy' with what they have shot, but this seems to be all down to the quality of the footage coming from the Red Epic camera.

The Red Epic is a camera of choice for Hollywood at the moment, with James Cameron buying up 50 of them for his productions and Peter Jackson using a not-too shabby 30 Epics to shoot the Hobbit with.

In a blog post, Jim Jannard, creator of the Red camera, said: "So we were invited to see some Spider-Man footage today at Sony. John Schwartzman was there and we talked a bit before going into the screening room.

"'This is the best looking footage I have ever shot... these are the best images I have ever seen!' was his comment. I asked him if this was just his enthusiasm spilling out or if this was actually the case (pretty big statement).

"He thought for a few moments and said 'No, really... this is the best footage I have ever seen from any camera. Ever.'

Stunned. Shocked. So incredible

The blog continued: "So, with that, we went in. There was a Sony T420 projector (same as we have at Red Studios) in a grading room at Colorworks.

"We talked to 'The Steve' (colorist) about his experience with the Epic footage and opinion. He confirmed his opinion matched John's and we sat front row with huge expectations.

"I have to say that we were all stunned. Shocked. So incredible. Not like Red One MX. Not like anything we had seen from another camera. Same resolution and feel of our new Epic reel, but with actors and a story and Schwartzman's ability to light."

Obviously Red has a vested interested in telling the world how awesome its cameras are, but this initial feedback does sound promising.

And it's a far cry from the frankly rubbish shaky cam footage we have seen leaked on to the web so far.

The Amazing Spider-Man has a UK release date of 4 July 2012. The movie is currently being shot in 3D.

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