Kodak puts OLED in the (picture) frame

Kodak's pricey but stylish OLED frame
Kodak's pricey but stylish OLED frame

Kodak has announced the arrival of a world's first in the imaging world – a digital picture frame that uses OLED technology.

Set to debut at this year's Photokina, the frame boasts "greater colour depth and saturation than other displays, on panels that are substantially thinner, resulting in a sleek, low-profile design."

Not only has Kodak utilised OLED tech for its picture holder, it's also added Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can have an endless amount of pics of your romantic trip abroad streamed straight to the devices.

If you want to just use the frames 2GB of in-built memory, you will still be able to show around 10,000 images.

Premium price

The frame itself is ultra-thin, with a 7.6in diameter. And don't worry if your photography skills are a little bit shabby as Kodak Perfect Touch Technology will enhance the colour and exposure of all the images.

Speaking about the ground-breaking device, Pete Jameson, general manager, Digital Devices Group, said: "Our new OLED frame foreshadows a dynamic future of an exciting new generation of KODAK products that deliver unsurpassed image quality and unprecedented clarity and color for capturing and reliving life's moments."

As OLED technology is fairly new, expect to pay a premium for the frame. From November, the US will get it for around $999 (£550 or thereabouts). A UK release date is yet to be announced.

Marc Chacksfield

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