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Sony Alpha a900
When will we see Sony's full frame SLT?

This week the focus has been on rumours and anticipation as the world holds its breath for what autumn has to bring. Will Nikon finally announce its mirrorless compact? Will Sony unveil a full frame DSLT?

New printers and image editing software have also made their debut this week, read on to find out what's been happening this week, each complete with links to full stories.

Fujifilm news

Last week, Fujifilm announced its latest retro styled premium compact, the X10. Following hot in the footsteps of its bigger brother, the X100, we saw the camera at the IFA trade show in Berlin.

Check out these pictures of the X10 to see it in all its magnesium alloy glory.

Kodak news

New printers were unveiled by Kodak this week. The new Hero all-in-one printers are available at four different price points, but according to a Kodak spokesperson, 60% of people would actually be better off not using its products.

Robert Ohlweiler, Kodak's Director of Consumer of Inkjet, also explained how the technology for Kodak film production has enabled better digital printing.

Corel news

Sick of the ubiquity of Photoshop? Corel's latest version of its photo-editing software, Paintshop Pro X4 was announced this week. Featuring over 75 new features or improvements, including upgrades to start up and run time, new photo blending capability and an improved HDR engine.

Corel marketing manager Chris Boba also told us that sales were "extremely strong" in the UK at the moment, and that they tried to make their software "easier to use" than rival packages.

Sony Alpha Rumours

It's less than a month since Sony outed its latest DSLT and NEX cameras, but already we're chomping at the bit for some full-frame action. It's been three years since the a900 was released, so it's surely about time for an upgrade.

With rumours suggesting that an Alpha a950 could be unveiled as early as the end of the year, the big question is whether or not it will feature the same translucent mirror technology as seen on the recent a77 and a65.

Canon and Nikon rumours

Barely a day seems to go by without an update from the rumour mill suggesting that the "big two" will be releasing their compact system cameras.

Nikon rumours seem to be leading the way with speculation rife that a release is on its way in the next couple of weeks.

It has been reported that market share in Canon and Nikon's native Japan is down a combined 35%, while Sony has managed to double its share. Blame is attributed to the fact that neither has a mirrorless model on the market at the moment.

Meanwhile, Nikon's shares rose 10% this week amid growing speculation that its mirrorless camera was about to be unveiled, especially after the Nikkei newspaper reported on it.

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