The best digital cameras to buy right now

Make sure you pick the right camera with PhotoRadar's guide to the best Christmas gifts

If you're looking to buy a digital compact camera for someone this Christmas - or simply want to treat yourself - then don't miss the PhotoRadar Christmas digital camera buyer's guide.

The site's experts have selected the top 10 buys for every budget, listing compact cameras for less than £150, £150-£250 and Premium compacts plus beginner and enthusiast digital SLRs.

Top 10 budget compact cameras

Buying a digital compact camera on a budget this Christmas doesn't mean you have to end up with a turkey (sorry). Although you might get a crisper lens, bigger zoom and more advanced technology if you spend more, that doesn't guarantee you better pictures! Here we reveal our top 10 bargains for less than £150...

Top 10 mid-price compact cameras

What kind of digital compact camera does £150-£250 buy you? A very good one, if you follow our top 10 guide. Cameras in this range offer a decent blend of performance, features and build quality for the price. It's in this price bracket that you also find camera manufacturers trying out new technology, such as Fujifilm with its EXR sensor.

Top 10 premium compact cameras

Premium digital compacts offer serious features for serious money. If you want the ultimate in build quality, picture-taking technology and the best lenses - and you still want a camera that's light enough to carry anywhere - then this is where to look. Here we present our top 10 Christmas compact crackers (sorry) for £300 and above...

Top 10 D-SLRs for beginners

If you're a newcomer to 'serious' photography, the chances are you'll be looking for a digital SLR this Christmas. The good news is that there are some fabulous 'entry level' D-SLRs available right now. Here we list the top 10 cameras that blend beginner-friendly features with good picture quality, for £650 or less..

Top 10 D-SLRs for enthusiasts

It's Christmas... why not treat yourself to that digital SLR upgrade you've been promising yourself all year? You deserve it. We've selected our current top 10 best buys in the 'semi-pro' D-SLR bracket, with prices ranging from £560 to £2400. You get a lot for your money here though, with cameras that are built like tanks, and offer class-leading performance and superb picture quality.