Sony announces 3D ready WX5 and TX9 cameras

Sony s TX9 has 3D ready features

Sony has unveiled its latest camera range which takes advantage of the company's new 3D technology.

The WX5 and TX9 - updates of the WX1 and TX1 - have the proud boast of being the first-ever 3D Cybershot compact cameras, offering up 3D images through their innovative Sweep Panorama feature.

Since its launch last year, Sweep Panorama has been a main feature on Sony's camera range – including DSLRs and compacts.

The all-new 3D Panorama Mode - Sony's NEX-3 is also getting the feature through a firmware update - means that you can playback the sweep image on a 3D-compatible TV.

Sony cybershot wx5

Cutting beneath the 3D headlines, the WX5 and TX9 have a 12.2 megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor, Superior Auto mode – like auto but much more superior – and HD shooting in the form of 720p.

Screen-size is a palatable 2.8 inches on the WX5 and a much more impressive 3.5 inches on the TX9.

As well as the two 3D cameras, Sony is also introducing the T99 - which is Sony's second waterproof camera after the TX5. While it can't bring you into the third dimension as its picture-taking brethren, it does offer Underwater Sweep Panorama, HD shooting and 1.4MP power as well.

Sony cybershot t99

The Sony Cybershot WX5, TX9 and T99 digital cameras have a UK release date of September, with pricing to be announced.