Pentax Q price drops by 40% in the US

The price of the Pentax Q has dropped significantly in the US, after already being reduced in the UK, perhaps suggesting that a new CSC from the company is imminent.

Pentax introduced the Q around a year ago, which is the world's smallest interchangeable lens camera.

Its tiny proportions did not belie a tiny asking price, with many balking at the £600 ($800) asking price, especially when considering the small sensor on board the camera, which is similar in size to a standard compact camera.


Since then, Pentax has admitted that it has been disappointed by sales of the Q, and more recently announced the Pentax K-01, which is much larger, features an APS-C size sensor and a lens mount compatible with its existing line-up of K-mount lenses.

At the time of the K-01 launch, Pentax assured that the Q was still very much a priority, and they were committed to the line. However, last week rumours began circulating that Ricoh Pentax would announce a new low-price mirrorless camera into the market.

Perhaps keen to take away some of the glory of the Nikon 1 V1 and J1 success (which also utilise a small sensor), the new camera could conceivably be offered at a more realistic asking price for the beginner market.

2012 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for compact system cameras, with popular new products already being outed by Fujifilm and Olympus and Canon apparently set to finally enter the market.

via PhotoRumors

Amy Davies

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