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Nikon D800 appears in Amazon best-sellers list

Nikon D800
Nikon's D800 has appeared in the Amazon best-seller list based on pre-orders alone

The Nikon D800 has climbed to number 21 in Amazon UK's list of best-selling cameras, before it is even available to buy.

Looking at DSLRs only, it is the second highest seller, beaten only by the Canon EOS 550D, a budget entry-level DSLR.

The Nikon D800 was launched back in February, and is the world's highest resolution full-frame camera, featuring 36 million pixels.

Currently, the Amazon listing shows that it is due for release on March 26th.

Retailing for £2,399, it is unusual to see such an expensive camera selling so well on Amazon, which finds most of its camera business through point and shoot cameras and entry level DSLRs.

Amazon's top 20 cameras sales list includes 19 compact cameras and the Canon EOS 550D.


Amazon is not currently offering the more expensive pro Nikon D4, which retails for around £4,800 elsewhere.

Earlier in the month, Nikon told us that pre-orders for the D800 have been 'unprecedented', meanwhile possibly its biggest rival, the Canon 5D Mark III is not currently available for sale on Amazon.

The next best-selling DSLRs in the top 40 are the Nikon D3100, Canon EOS 600D and Nikon D5100, all entry-level cameras.

There are no compact system cameras currently in the Amazon UK top 40 best-sellers, however the Panasonic G3 tops the separate list of CSCs.