JVC video deck with MiniDV drive

This is hardware for serious videographers

With features that put the average video recorder to shame, JVC 's Japanese prosumer deck handles DVD, HDD and MiniDV.

Japan can't get enough of hard-core A/V products like this HDD/DVD/MiniDV video-recording deck that JVC has just released. For JPY200,000 (£830) owners of the SR-DVM700 get to take home hardware that will set them up as serious videographers - or at least as YouTube superstars.

The onboard hard drive is a replaceable 250GB, the DVD burner supports DVD-R/RW/RAM and the MiniDV deck allows, of course, for importing that precious high-definition video from cameras such as Sony's HDR-HC3 .

The myriad input and output options include S-Video, composite, various analogue and digital ports and RS-233-C. On-deck controls are limited to comparatively simple dubbing back and forth between media but connect the machine to a PC and a whole world of non-linear editing is at your fingertips. J. Mark Lytle

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