HTC RE emerges just in time for Christmas

Just don't mistake it for an inhaler...

Despite being unveiled back in October, the HTC RE is only now landing in Australia.

On sale from today, the RE will set you back $249 and is available from Telstra, Fone Zone and Next Byte.

Retailers like JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith are conspicuously absent from that list, but HTC hopes to have the RE more widely available after Christmas. Not that that will help Santa in the meantime.

The RE will be available in white, navy and orange, with the possibility of more colours to follow – perhaps the teal that was on display at HTC's event in New York earlier this year.

The RE's lack of a display means it requires a smartphone to operate, but HTC claims there are currently no plans to bundle the camera with HTC handsets.

Action cam RE-imagined

The RE is a unique little camera boasting some fun features including slow-motion and time-lapse, as well as the ability to shoot underwater (30 minutes up to one metre) thanks to its IPX7 rating.

Despite the RE's hardiness, HTC is quick to explain that it is not chasing the GoPro crowd. Instead, it hopes the RE will find a place in the hearts of less adrenaline-addicted types.

If the price tag is off-putting, there's a good chance that will come down in the near future. The RE has already been discounted by Best Buy in the US, where it's being sold for US$149 instead of the RRP of US$199.

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