Hands on: Polaroid Two review

The actual printing of the images is the best thing about the Polaroid Two. Watching a photograph pop out 40 seconds after you taken the image is all good fun – okay, it feels a bit like Polaroid has re-invented its own wheel yet again but the novelty is still there.

The polaroid two can print images in around 40 seconds

The camera uses Zink's 'zero ink' technology, so you can pretty much put your grubby fingers all over the photo the second the camera releases it

The images themselves, however, were a tad grainy for our liking – especially as they are only 2x3 inches in size. Don't expect a huge amount of detail to come out of the shots you take.

The images came out a tad too grainy

Each photograph has a sticky back, so it's plain to see where Polaroid is marketing this camera – at kids and social snappers. This is definitely not a camera for those who know the 'rule of thirds'.

At £229, Polaroid is asking a lot of money for not much in return. Yes, there's a certain charm to the camera, but that wears off quite quickly once you've taken a round of shots with it (and forked out 8 quid for the paper).

And with the battery life as low as it is, you will only be able to squeeze around 15 pictures out of the machine before it dies on you.

If Polaroid decided to cut the size of its camera in half for the next iteration, so it doesn't feel like we are lugging round an old Sony Walkman tape machine, then it might have a gadget worth putting on your 'festival must-have' list, but as it is, we would have to file the Polaroid Two under 'must try harder'.