Fujifilm aiming to make cameras for 'every creative photographer'

Fuji cameras
Fuji is concentrating its efforts on its premium offerings

Fujifilm's Senior Imaging Vice President says the company has big ambitions for its X range of premium products.

Speaking to TechRadar, Adrian Clarke said, "We want to hit all those little pockets of premium photography, we won't be going back to mirrored SLRs, but we want to try and make a product for every sector of the market."

Fuji is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance at the moment after bowing out of the interchangeable lens market in 2006, making a return earlier this year with its first mirrorless camera, the X Pro1.

The X Pro1 followed on from successful introductions in the shape of the X100 and X10 premium compacts, along with the X-S1 premium bridge camera.


Clarke continued, "We want to make cameras for every creative photographer, and that's really our aim at the moment, perhaps break open new sectors too, such as with the X100."

The X100 occupies a unique space in the market, featuring an APS-C size sensor inside a compact body with a fixed-length lens.

Clarke said that the company was moving away from the budget end of the market, as this sector of the market continues to be cannibalised by better equipped smartphones.

"Our priority is with the more advanced cameras, and higher price points, and luckily because of our good rapport with photographers going back many years, they're quite willing to have a look at our products.

"We have introduced new models, and it's been quite a good start - the X range will be the focus of our product development in the next two to three years."

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