CompactFlash Cards to hold 188 petabytes

In the future, everything you have ever seen, read or heard will fit on something like this...

CompactFlash cards are generally only used by professional and 'prosumer' photographers that need to save large amounts of high-res digital photo data on their DSLR cameras.

However, the news that the latest version version 5 of the CompactFlash standard will be able to hold as much data as AT&T carries on its entire network in a week has made us sit up and listen.

200 years of movies

The latest CF cards are set to hold a mindblowing 188 petabytes of data. The equivalent to 188,000 one-terabyte drives, or, as Wired was quick to point out the equivalent of around "two centuries' worth of the porn industry's annual output"

By comparison, CompactFlash 4.1, which is the current standard, offers snappers a maximum of 137 GB of data.

The new CF standard uses 48-bit addressing, hence the new (theoretical) data limit of 188 petabytes.

DPReview via Wired