Samsung's latest camcorders are 'strongest yet'

Samsung's latest camcorders are 'strongest yet
Samsung's F80 camcorder

Samsung has shown off a camcorder range it is describing as its 'strongest yet' at CES 2012.

The Korean giant has shown off a new line-up of 'Smart' camcorders that are designed to work with the data cloud.

"The new line up forms Samsung's range of Smart camcorders that revolutionise the shooting, storing and sharing of movies with their ability to store images directly to the cloud, access them anywhere in the world and instantly share with friends on social networking sites," explains Samsung.


First up is the successor to the Q10, the Samsung Smart Q20 and its more social brother the QF20, which incorporate Switch Grip 2 which now includes 'vertical recording' and the ability to record from three angles.

That means a 'g-magnetic' sensor (read: gyroscope) which flips the display so you can see what you are doing.

The Smart QF20 allows you to upload your Spielbergean effort through built in Wi-Fi, and an auto backup means that none of your carefully angled memories can be lost.

Spec wise it brings 1080i recording (which Samsung's release is somehow calling Full HD), 20x optical zoom and the ability to add 'fun' effects by shaking the camera. No, we don't either...


The next cameras are the W300 and W350 which are built for outdoorsy types and are suitably rugged.

"With its dust proof design and ability to be submerged in up to five metres of water and remain shock-proof from heights of up to two meters it is ideal for capturing all of the action and adventure of an outdoor lifestyle in 1080/30p full HD video," says Samsung.

There's also an optional bumper float should you wish for mock-alligator POV shots and the 5M BSI CMOS sensor and 2.2 Bright Lens are designed for lowlight shooting.

Last is the 'family-friendly' F80 which brings 720p 30fps recording, 52x optical zoom and 1080i upscaling.


Nick White, Head of the Digital Imaging, Samsung UK, said, "Our latest camcorder line-up is our strongest yet, offering the perfect camcorder for every lifestyle and budget.

"With the new QF20 we're delighted to be able to offer Smart capabilities to make shooting, sharing and saving people's special memories easier than ever.

"Whether it's for an active family, outdoors enthusiast or budding director, each camcorder in our range offers stand-out design and functions to make creativity come alive."

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