8 essential landscape photography tutorials

Landscape photography tutorials

In our new series of tutorials aimed at inspiring you to get out and get shooting with your digital camera, we've also tried to encourage you to think beyond the obvious and get creative with your kit.

Perhaps nothing inspires more creativity (and criticism) than the landscape. From famous photographers like Ansel Adams up to today's HDR photographers, there has always been a healthy debate about how others choose to interpret the natural world.

We're a pretty sophisticated bunch here at TechRadar - modern in our views on art, but laissez faire towards others'. We all have different ways of seeing, and in the popular genre of landscape photography this is perhaps most evident.

The important thing is that you take pictures. You've read our camera reviews. You've bought what you believe is the best DSLR. Now go outside and use it!

Here are 8 great tutorials from our friends at Digital Camera World to help get you started.

Landscape phtoography tips

Long exposures

1. Master the art of the long exposure. You might think it's a technique best reserved for night photography, but think again. Learn how a long shutter speed during daytime can remove people from your urban landscapes.

Landscape phtoography tips

Shoot moving water

2. Go with the flow. This simple guide shows you how to take waterfall pictures, whether you want to freeze the action or convey the sense of movement.

Landscape phtoography tips

Fix distracting backgrounds

3. A little background information. Don't let a busy backdrop ruin all your hard work. Find out how to fix a photo background and remove any distractions in post-processing.

Landscape phtoography tips

Make an HDR image with 2 exposures

4. Like Prince, we're courting controversy with this one. This simple HDR tutorial will show you how to make stunning high dynamic range images from just two exposures.

Landscape phtoography tips

Shoot and stitch panoramas

5. Leave us in stitches. Make the most of a big, sweeping vista by shooting several frames and stitching them together to make panoramic photos.

Landscape phtoography tips

Hyperfocal focusing explained

6. Hyperfocal distance may sound like something Julie Andrews sang in Mary Poppins, but it doesn't have to be that complicated or naff. Find out how you can get sharper landscapes with 6 easy tips for calculating hyperfocal distance.

Landscape phtoography tips

Learn to shoot lone trees

7. Lone figures are a great way of adding drama, scale and a sense of isolation to an image. Edward Hopper knew this. Now so can you with these 10 tips for shooting more creative pictures of trees.

Landscape phtoography tips

Tips for shooting coastal landscapes

8. Going coastal. Everyone takes a camera to the beach. From the sunsets, the waves, the rocks, the big sky and more, it's like a squash of everything that's beautiful in the world. Go there with your camera. And use these 10 tips for shooting coastal landscapes to guide you.