Symbian takes on Google's Android

Symbian faces up to Google's Android at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month

The Symbian Foundation goes head to head with the Open Handset Alliance at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, announcing a number of new members including MySpace, Bank of America, and Omron Software.

Symbian's new partners are required to pay the paltry sum of a $1,500 membership fee, and many companies are supporting Google Android as well, so the new announcements shouldn't be read as 'major media company X' supporting one or the other.

Many in both camps

The Register notes, for example, that "Qualcomm... is firmly in both camps. They don't care if devices run Symbian or Android as long as it's not desktop Windows, so they can sell their ARM-based Snapdragon processor into devices including laptots.

"Omron Software backs both camps on the basis that membership isn't expensive and provides a route to influence."

TechRadar will be on hand at Mobile World Congress next week to bring you all the news and opinion from the mobile phone industry's major players.