6 digital cordless (DECT) phones on test

6 digital cordless (DECT) phones on test
The BT Granite

BT Granite

In a round-up of the best digital cordless DECT phones out there, this compact, stylish and distinctive model, the BT Granite, looks like a high tech minimalist's dream come true.

Sadly the reality doesn't quite measure up, thanks to iffy build quality and a rather underwhelming UI. Having said that there are far, far worse DECT phones out there…

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BT Stratus 1500

Oh dear. Team a massive handset with a tiny display, indifferent UI and a range of underwhelming features and you end up with this. It's what Darth Vader would choose… if he was stuck in Poundland and they wouldn't let him leave 'til he bought something.


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Motorola D1100

What a revelation this is – smart, stylish, easy-to-use and with a UI that doesn't make you scream out in pain. Motorola has done us proud. Only the slightly spongy action of the keypad disappoints. Otherwise, marv.


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Panasonic KX-TG7321G

This incredibly old fashioned-handset and answerphone reminds you what mobile phones used to be like before the advent of colour screens, sexy UIs and all that multi-touch nonsense. Yes, it's incredibly basic, but the Panasonic KX-TF7321G gets all the basics right. Can't be bad. See also the Panasonic KXTG7322 and the KXTG7323 - which come with two and three handsets respectively.


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Philips ID555

Without question the best DECT phone we've seen to date – serving up a great range of features in a stylish, compact and very desirable body. It's a shame then that the UI is so disappointing - all spindly text and uninspiring menus. Still you can't have everything, can you? (Hint: yes we can)


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Sagem D16T

Three handsets and a base station for a shade over £36. If this isn't the best DECT phone bargain of the year we don't know what is – especially when the set is as stylish, simple to use and eco-friendly as these. Yes, it's all very thrills and frills free, but boy what great value for money.


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