Xperia Z Ultra too big? Lug Sony's Bluetooth handset around too, then

Xperia Z Ultra too big? Lug Sony's mini Bluetooth handset around with you too, then
She doesn't feel stupid at all, no

The small-handed among you who lust after Sony's enormous Xperia Z Ultra will be pleased to hear that Sony has your back.

Alongside the 6.44-inch smartphone-cum-tablet, Sony has launched the SBH52, a slinky little Bluetooth handset that lets you take calls, read messages and control music without unpacking the giant phone from your pocket, bag or specially-made cross-body case.

The slinky little handset looks as stupidly small alongside a person's head as the Xperia Z Ultra does over-sized.


The OLED display will flash up caller IDs, song titles and text messages, while the handset supports HD voice and FM radio.

Sony SBH52

Old-school stylings

You can pair it with your phone via NFC if that's what floats your boat, and it also features Multipoint Bluetooth for pairing with more than one device at once.

When not taking calls, the SBH52 clips on to your lapel and can be used as a music remote thanks to the headphone jack and playback control combo.

No official word on a Sony SBH52 release date or pricing just yet, but we're expecting it to hit the shops around the same time as the Xperia Z Ultra, which is scheduled for a September launch.

Watch our hands-on video and hear our first impressions of Sony's heavyweight handset below:

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