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Vodafone whips out HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 update in record time

HTC Wildfire gets Android 2.2 update
HTC Wildfire gets Android 2.2 update

Vodafone has confirmed it is offering the HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 update to its customers minutes after HTC announced the update was ready.

On its Facebook site, HTC said: "Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) on Wildfire is scheduled to begin rolling out this week in Europe, reaching all areas of the world by February. Thanks for your patience as these updates roll out; we think you'll enjoy the final product."

February? That's far too long to wait... so it's lucky that Vodafone has managed to bypass the usual faffing about and testing that usually goes on, and is now offering HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 update to the relevant customers.

No net video, static backgrounds

However, the update doesn't let you see Live Wallpapers or Flash video through the internet browser due to 'hardware limitations'.

We'd imagine this is more won't rather than can't - we've seen lower-powered phones manage to perform both these functions and it hasn't been a pretty sight.

We're currently calling round the other networks at the moment to see if they'll be offering the update soon, but for now it looks like Vodafone has the jump.

If you want to find out whether your phone is updatable then check out the forum page and follow the instructions.