The weirdest, wackiest and most bizarre photo apps for the Note II

Paper Artist will turn any photo (from the gallery or direct from the camera) into a sketch, etching or painting. It just uses a bit of image processing code but it can look quite effective and - as Paper Artist was designed with the Note II in mind - you can cleverly use the S Pen to draw over the top or 'scrape away' the painting to reveal the real image underneath, which can create some brilliant effects.

Comic Strip It Pro

Comic Strip It! Pro


With Comic Strip It! you can use your photographs to build multi-panel comic strips or storyboards. You can use images straight from the camera or the gallery and apply various image effects to get the right look for your graphic novel masterpiece.

Each panel can be enhanced with titles, captions and speech bubbles as well as sound F/X like POW! KA-BOOM! and THWIP! Once you are done, export the image to your SD card or share it on your social network of choice from within the app.

Word Cam Pro

WordCam Pro


A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. WordCam Pro takes this rather more literally than it was intended, but the results can be a lot of fun.

Feed the app a picture from the gallery or the camera and then give it a list of words and a selection of fonts. WordCam Pro will then make a new version of the picture using the list of words, repeated in semi-random patterns and a variety of fonts and sizes, while retaining the underlying colours of the image. It can look amazing.

WarpCam Pro

WarpCam Pro


This clever 'live' filter will distort an image even before you press the shutter, enabling you to get precisely the effect you want. Filters include a photo-mosaic, fisheye lens and distorted zoom to create weird, hall-of-mirrors-like effects.

You can stack two effects on each other, feeding the results of one into the other to create more varied images.




Cinemagrams are those clever animations that look like still photographs with just one element moving - the candle on a birthday cake, say, or a crowd scene where one person turns their face to look at you. Fotodanz is an app for creating them.

Fotodanz works a bit like a long-exposure camera. You just take a 'photo' (actually a short movie) for a couple of seconds and it will then present you with a still image.

You can draw on this using a finger or the S Pen to mark the part of the animation that you want to display. Fotodanz will then create an animated GIF file of the still with your selected animated area over the top. Once ready you can share it to Facebook, Twitter, Email, MMS or Google Drive.


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