The best Samsung Galaxy Alpha deals

The best Samsung Galaxy Alpha deals
Samsung's metal marvel can be had for a marvellous price

Samsung has finally delivered the premium handset we've all been waiting for and while you'll have to wait a little bit longer for our review it's already available to buy.

There aren't many deals for the Galaxy Alpha just yet, but we've dug up some of the best around. First up we've got a recommended deal, which offers a good mix of price and allowances. We've also found a great deal for data. It's not the cheapest around but if you plan to browse, stream and download a lot on the move it's likely to suit you.

Finally we've dug up one of the cheapest deals. It doesn't have amazing allowances but if you're on a tight budget then it's worth considering. So settle down and read on for some early bird Samsung Galaxy Alpha offers.

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If you want to get the Samsung Galaxy Alpha with some reasonable data, text and minutes allowances without shelling out a fortune each month this is the deal for you.

It's currently available from MobilePhonesDirect in silver on a Vodafone contract with 1GB of 4G data (following three months of unlimited data), 600 minutes and unlimited texts.

Galaxy Alpha

That will set you back £34.50 per month, but there's no upfront cost so over 24 months it's just £828, which isn't bad at all for a brand new flagship.

Best Samsung Galaxy Alpha deal for data

If 1GB of data won't cut it then consider this deal. It's from MobilePhonesDirect again and gets you the Samsung Galaxy Alpha in silver on T-Mobile with 500 minutes, unlimited 3G data and unlimited texts for £39.99 per month.


There's no upfront cost so in all it's £959.76. Not the cheapest deal around then but it does come with unlimited data. Bear in mind though that you're only getting 3G data, while the deal above includes 4G data.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy Alpha deal

If you just want the cheapest deal possible then you can grab the Samsung Galaxy Alpha in black from MobilePhonesDirect on a Vodafone contract for just £26.50 per month with no upfront cost.

You only get 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB of data (following three months of unlimited data), but then it only costs £636 over 24 months, which is remarkably cheap for such a new phone.

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