The best photo filter apps for the Samsung GALAXY S4

This clever little app lets you sharpen up the foreground of your images while blurring down the background to give a cool, professional feel. You can be as precise as you like with the smart focus area selection tool, which lets you select the areas you want to be focussed or blurred using the GALAXY S4's touchscreen.

Then you can go mad with film-style effects like Cross Process and apply a romantic out-of-focus bokeh, or blur. There's a free version of the app, or you can invest £1.11 in the pro edition which gives you more filters and the ability to handle higher-resolution images.

8. Animated Photo

If you want to make fun, short looping animated photos then look no further!

Animated Photo is one of our favourite exclusive camera modes on the Samsung GALAXY S4. It lets you create animated GIFs by freezing areas of a photo while allowing other areas to move. And because the Animated Photos you create are GIFs, you can share them easily and quickly with friends and family.

S4 photo apps

Apply vignettes and blur to your images for a dreamy, romantic effect.

9. Snapseed

Free – Get it here

Ask any photographer what image-editing app they use on their GALAXY S4 and they'll tell you Snapseed. It's less about applying filters – although you can do that, with Vintage, Grunge and tilt-shift effects all available – and more about tweaking your shots to perfection.

Whether you opt for auto correct to balance the picture out or you decide to adjust it yourself, there are options from cropping, straightening, brightness and more, so you always have complete control over your photos. The interface is a dream, and the app itself is free.

S4 photo apps

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

10. Pudding Camera

Free – Get it here

If you yearn for the days of film photography, Pudding Camera is the next best thing. You still get to use your GALAXY S4, but the app allows you to choose between various "films" that each give a different photographical effect.

You can choose your aspect ratio as well, and apply effects like tilt-shift and fish-eye for added amusement. It's the best of both worlds: old-school film effects paired with the convenience of a powerful smartphone from which you can instantly share your photos.