T-Mobile and Nokia US event to see Windows Phone launch?

The Nokia Lumi 800 may be heading to T-Mobile in the US

Nokia and T-Mobile have issued an invite to a press event next week, which may see the unveiling of the first Nokia Windows Phone handset in the United States.

The December 14 event will take place in New York, with the invite claiming that "T-Mobile and Nokia have something exciting in the works." and says journalists will be "amongst the first to experience it."

Signs point to T-Mobile becoming the first US carrier to host the forthcoming Nokia Windows Phones launch, although the lack of Microsoft branding may suggest otherwise.

The tiled-design of the invite, which can be seen to the right, may be the key to decoding the mysterious invite as it reflects the Windows Phone Metro UI.

Something different?

It remains to be seen whether Nokia will launch the Lumia 800 and 710 handsets, recently revealed in Europe, or whether it has something different planned for the US market.

Reports earlier this week suggested that a new flagship handset, the Lumia 900 would be the first Nokia Windows Phone to land in America.

That handset will reportedly boast a 4.3-inch screen and other slight enhancements, but will otherwise contain the same specs as the well received Nokia Lumia 800.

If T-Mobile is the first and primary network to host Nokia Windows Phone handsets, it would be considered somewhat of a disappointment given it's limited scope.

Nokia would surely hope to snare AT&T and Verizon with its new range.

Via: PC Mag

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