Sprint expanding 4G LTE network to 22 new markets

The slow spread of a faster network
The slow spread of a faster network

Sprint announced its 4G LTE network will roll out to new regions across the country in the coming months.

The expanded network coverage includes 22 cities in California, Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Maryland.

Though Sprint has not offered a specific date for the network to launch in those new cities, subscribers may notice their 4G capable handsets connecting to the network during its early pre-launch phase.

Sprint is encouraging users to take advantage of the network as soon as they see it available, which may be a small consolation to make up for the ambiguous "coming months" timetable for the official launch.

Slowly playing catch up

Sprint's 4G LTE network is currently up and running in 24 cities, with plans to add more than 100 more in that same ambiguous "coming months" timeframe.

When those months finally arrive, Sprint says its 4G network coverage will nearly match its existing nationwide 3G coverage.

The carrier trails behind its top competitors in the 4G network race. Verizon is quickly approaching its goal of 400 4G LTE markets while AT&T makes strides for future 4G LTE availability with a series of deals to purchase additional spectrum bands.

Sprint is at least making an effort to catch up, even if it is a very non-specific one. To see which areas are receiving Sprint's 4G LTE network be sure to check the carrier's comprehensive list.

Via Sprint