Samsung's Tizen debuts on a camera, but no smartphone until 2014

Samsung's Tizen debuts on a camera, but no smartphone until 2014
Hurry up and get on our phones!

Despite the fact that we were told that Samsung and Intel's Tizen operating system would first appear on a smartphone, it has made an early debut on a camera instead.

The Samsung NX300M is the first Tizen device to hit the market and it's already been available in Korea for over a month without anyone knowing.

Samsung has kept pretty quiet about it, having only just confirmed the 20.3-megapixel snapper is running on the software at its Tizen developer summit.

We've heard a fair bit about Tizen these past few weeks. Samsung and Intel's operating system was supposed to appear on a smartphone before 2013 is out, but it looks like that won't be happening.

The big 3.0

According to the Korea Herald, a Samsung executive has declared that the first Tizen-powered smartphone won't be released until 2014.

This means it could be even longer before we see a Tizen TV if Samsung is fully focused on the phone, which was supposed to arrive before 2013 was out.

There were also some announcements at the Tizen Summit about the next iteration of the OS, Tizen 3.0. Apparently the new version will support 64-bit processors, which could be timed nicely for the Galaxy S5 if there's any truth to the rumour of it touching down in both Android and Tizen versions.

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