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Samsung Galaxy S2 smashes speed tests ahead of launch

The Samsung Galaxy S2 flying high in Quadrant tests
The Samsung Galaxy S2 flying high in Quadrant tests

The Samsung Galaxy S2 looks like it might live up to its billing as the fastest smartphone on the planet if early tests are to be believed.

The dual-core device, which has been confirmed by Clove to be running a Samsung Dual Core Exynos CPU (not the previously mooted Tegra 2 chip), and the speed tests seem to back up the performance.

Noted Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin has been running the new Galaxy S2 through Quadrant, the smartphone benchmarking Android app, and it's scored a whopping 3053 on the charts.

Apples versus Cats

To put that into perspective, the top single-core smartphones have been managing between 1,000 and 1,300 scores, so the dual-core result points to much faster 3D rendering, CPU speeds and overall performance.

It should be noted that the Quadrant benchmarking test has been questioned in terms of both dual-core and Android 2.3 performance - however, the LG Optimus 2X (running two 1GHz cores on Android 2.2) managed a score of just below 3,000, so it seems relatively consistent.

That means it's bad news for the HTC Sensation - we tested the new dual-core phone at the recent launch event, and we registered a score of 1,226, which is even slower than the Nexus One.

We'll hold judgement on the performance until we bring our full HTC Sensation review and Samsung Galaxy S2 review, but if the Koreans find a big speed advantage then we're sure to see it plastered over every bus, billboard and TV ad for the next few months.