RIM unveils BBM Music for social song sharing

RIM unveils BBM Music for social song sharing
BBM Music - coming to a teenager near you, soon

RIM has taken the wraps off its social music service, dubbed BBM Music, which allows users to build and share a "community-based" music library with their BlackBerry Messenger contacts.

Friends will be able to share a 50-song profile with their BBM contacts, with the option to swap out up to 25 songs per month - so better choose wisely when you're setting up; that NDubz song might seem ironic now, but give it three weeks and it'll just seem lame.

The more BBM friends you have, the more 50-song profiles you have access to so it pays to make friends with the right people.


You'll also be able to build playlists using songs from friends' profiles and send music between contacts using the instant messaging service, as well as save some tracks for offline listening.

With deals in place with Universal, Sony Music, Warner Music and EMI, RIM is looking to the cloud to chase similar cloud-based music products from Apple (iCloud), Amazon (Cloud Music Locker) and Google (Google Music).

None of those service have yet made the leap across the Atlantic Ocean, but the UK looks set to be one of the first to get RIM's musical offering.

Although there's no official BBM Music UK release date in sight, a closed-beta is now underway in the US, Canada and the UK; depending on its success we should see BBM Music released later this year with a monthly subscription of $4.99 (likely to enjoy a straight conversion to £4.99 in the UK).

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