Pulled T-Mobile page points to free global data in over 100 countries

Goin' global

Update: T-Mobile really does want you to connect whenever, wherever.

The carrier confirmed its plan for unlimited international data plus texting this evening, and we've got all the details for you right here.

Just a heads up, there's more than just Simple Choice Plan extension to over 100 countries, but no spoilers here.

Original article...

T-Mobile may have let the cat out of the bag a little too soon. But don't worry, there's still Shakira to look forward to.

A now-missing post on the magenta carrier's website teased what we may hear in just a few hours - that phase 3 of T-Mobile's Un-carrier plan is free global data.

"The world is your network at now extra charge," the page read. "T-Mobile's nationwide data is going global. With coverage in 100 countries. Coming late October."

The message, along with a pink globe, are now gone, perhaps acting as more unwitting confirmation of what we're in for later.


Spoken in an accusatory, not fan-girl, tone.

While the pop star probably has better things to do than leak mobile carrier plans, her Facebook fan page apparently doesn't. As reported by Droid-Life, the page posted a teaser pic of Shakira, who's set to perform as part of the Un-carrier 3.0 event this evening in New York City, with these words:

"Now your data plan has a passport. Global data coverage in over 100 countries at no extra charge."

We have no other details yet, but when those become available, we'll fill you right in.

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