Apple/Starbucks Wi-Fi deal hits NY, Seattle

Drop in. Have a coffee. Buy music.

Last month, Starbucks announced it would offer free Wi-Fi to anyone with an Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch in its US coffee shops.

Now we are getting more information about how this deal actually works. As of today, the majority of Starbucks outlets in New York, San Francisco and Seattle (between 800 and 900 branches in total) will offer free Wi-Fi to Apple iPhone and Apple iPod touch owners, Engadget reports.

Cappucino and a Radiohead album to go

All you have to do is walk in, buy a coffee if you so wish, and connect to the T-Mobile access point. There's no charge for this. Your Apple iPhone, iPod touch or notebook computer running iTunes will detect the Wi-Fi hotspot and show it on the interface of your device.

After that, you're ready to download tunes from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, or check what's playing on Starbucks' own radio programming via iTunes. The music will be available to download straight away.

Don't get too excited though. Starbucks in the UK has no immediate plans to introduce the free Wi-Fi offer for Apple iPhone and Apple iPod touch owners, a spokesperson told us today.

Nevertheless, Apple's wireless deal with The Cloud in the UK more than makes up for the lack of Starbuck's Wi-Fi.