OnLive CEO: apps a compliment, not threat, to console gaming

OnLive CEO: app-y enough with app gaming
OnLive CEO: app-y enough with app gaming

The rise of mobile gaming is not something console makers should be worried about, according to the CEO of cloud-gaming service OnLive, as it can't offer the same experiences as a game on a console.

Speaking to T3, Steve Perlman, CEO of OnLive, said about the proliferation of app gaming: "App-based games aren't a threat, I see it as very complimentary to the industry as tablet games are severely limited in what they can do."

From tablets to pirates

OnLive is a brand we will be hearing a lot more of, given that the cloud gaming service is set to launch here 22 September.

It is set to bring the likes of Lego Batman, Dirt 3 and FEAR to your computer, tablet or TV, the service is so good that it will "transform gaming in the UK".

This is, of course, according to its marketer but the launch in the US was promising and there's some big names behind the company, including HTC – which also spent money on a 51 per cent stake in Beats Electronic the ones behind the Beats by Dr Dre brand.

Perlman also believes that the openness of Android has lead to an increase of gaming piracy, telling T3: "Tablets see between 80 per cent and 90 per cent piracy with game apps and Android by its nature is an open platform."

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