OnePlus 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung's camera on the Galaxy S6 is a impressive with a 16MP sensor capable of 2988 x 5312 pixels. It includes optical image stablization, autofocus, LED flash and a bunch of other features. Video wise it's capable of 2160p video at 30fps as well as HD recording.

On the front is a 5MP selfie shooter capable of Full HD video recording as well as auto HDR and dual-video call.

The OnePlus 2 has the same 13MP sensor we saw on the last phone capable of shooting 4128 x 3096 pixel resolution. It includes optical image stabilization, laser autofocus and dual-LED flash.

As for video you can shoot 2160p at 30fps as well as HD video recording. The front camera is a 5MP sensor and can also do Full HD video recording.


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung's Galaxy S6 includes a 2,550mAh cell inside that doesn't really sound like much. In our review we found the battery life one of the negatives of the handset but it really does depend what you're doing with it. It does also come with a fast charging option so you can get more juice in on a smaller charge.

OnePlus has upped the battery from a 3,100mAh cell in the original to a 3,300mAh cell in the OnePlus 2. It's gotten a little larger but we haven't had time to fully play around with it so it's unsure how it is just yet.

Other features

OnePlus 2

Both phones include a fingerprint sensor and Samsung has really upped its game this time around on it to make some major improvements.

This is the first time OnePlus has adapted in a fingerprint sensor and in our initial testing with the phone we didn't find it to be that great.

Both phones are 4G enabled – of course, it's 2015, as well as all the normal connectivity you'd expect such as Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 also includes a heart rate sensor that the OnePlus 2 doesn't include. OnePlus has also seemed to drop the NFC sensor we saw on the first phone – it's a strange move considering people are using the connectivity feature more and more.

Price & availability

OnePlus 2

Samsung has the big benefit here by being available all over the globe. In almost any country you can walk into a store and pick up the handset today.

OnePlus sadly are still quite small so have employed an invite system. It means you'll only be able to buy the OnePlus 2 with one that you can get either from someone who has already bought one or winning them in a competition.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 costs £559, $570 or AU$735 for the 32GB version, £639, $895 or AU$1150 for the 64GB and £719, $1269 or AU1640 for the 128GB version. It's not cheap and it's a similar pricing structure for the iPhone.

The OnePlus 2 comes in quite a bit cheaper though at £239 or $329 for the 16GB version and £289 or $389 for the 64GB version. That's really cheap for a flagship handset with these kind of specs.

Quick verdict

Samsung has the real high-end specs and great user experience you'd expect from such an expensive device. It includes almost every feature you're going to need for the next couple of years and we love the phone to pieces.

That said for those on a budget there is no better option than the OnePlus 2. With a 5.5-inch 1080p display, a real powerful set up under the hood and a cracking camera it offers some real high-end specs for a cut throat price.

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