O2 moves some customers to 4G for free

O2 moves customers to 4G for free
4G prices are already tumbling

4G is still finding its feet in the UK, but now that all four networks have their superfast services up and running there's hot competition for customers and O2 is the latest network to rework its tariffs.

From today, O2 has cut the cost of its pay monthly 4G tariffs giving you more data for less money. On the 12 month, SIM-only O2 Simplicity contract you now get 1GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts for £21 per month, down from £26.

The 3GB, £31 per month tariff has been scrapped, replaced instead with 5GB at £26 and O2 is now offering customers an 8GB data option at a palatable £31 per month.

If you're already an O2 4G customer and are feeling a little hard done by, the bubbly network has confirmed that you'll be getting a bump in your monthly data allowance - sort of like an early Christmas present.

Free 4G for 3G

The big news though is that some O2 3G customers will receive an upgrade to the firm's 4G network at no extra cost.

To qualify for the 4G upgrade you'll need to be on a tariff with at least 1GB of data per month and have a 4G-ready handset. If you're on the right tariff, but are still languishing on a 3G mobile O2 will allow you to upgrade to its Refresh contract, giving you a 4G phone and 25% off your remaining line rental.

EE, O2 and Vodafone will be feeling the pinch of Three's free 4G upgrade for its customers - EE has already cut its 4G prices - and it's no surprise that the networks are reworking tariffs to make them more affordable.

O2's 4G network has now been switched on in 13 cities and 140 towns across the UK, and it claims it now covers almost a third of the population.

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