Nokia's new Lumia 900 Windows phone tops Amazon sales

Nokia Lumia 900
The Lumia 900 is Amazon's Best Seller

Nokia's brand new Lumia 900 has officially become Amazon's top-selling phone, beating out Motorola's Razr Maxx and Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, two of Android's top phones, for the top spot. The black Lumia 900 has remained steadily at No.1 all day, though the Cyan version has fluctuated between second and third.

The Lumia launched over the weekend, and Nokia celebrated by taking over Times Square on Friday evening. The Finnish company commandeered nine of the New York landmark's enormous LED displays and projected 200-foot graphics displays onto numerous buildings. A-list singer Nicki Minaj was even on hand as a "secret guest."

Techradar reviewed the Galaxy and Razr Maxx favorably, though both phones were found to be not without faults. Technological superiority likely isn't the only factor in the Lumia's recent dominance, though.

Lumia release on Easter weekend raises eyebrows

The phone's Easter launch has been questioned numerous times, including by the NYT Bits blog, who noted that most retailers selling the phone (including most of New York's 39 AT&T stores) were closed on the national holiday.

But that may have helped boost online sales of the Windows phone by leading frustrated customers to head to Amazon rather than wait a day until the physical stores once again opened their doors.

Lumia's price point driving popularity

Another factor is likely the Lumia's affordable price point. At just $49.99 with a two-year contract from AT&T, it's $20 cheaper than the Galaxy and a whopping $150 less than the Razr Maxx. It's also $50 cheaper to purchase the phone on Amazon than directly from AT&T, a distinction consumers weren't likely to miss.

Windows phones are historically popular on Amazon, as well, with the top three slots for highest-rated phone currently occupied by the HTC Trophy, the HTC Titan and the Samsung Focus, all running on Windows. Only two of the top ten are Nokia devices, although they're both Lumias — the 710 in white and black at No.9 and No.10, respectively. If the Lumia 900 continues on its current path, it'll likely join their ranks soon.

Via TechCrunch, NYT Bits Blog

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