Nokia's MeeGo boss quits company

HeeGo from MeeGo - Nokia director leaves company at crucial time in MeeGo's development schedule

The Vice President in charge of Nokia's MeeGo device division has left the Finnish mobile giant.

Executive Ari Jaaksi confirmed to Finland's Talous Sanomat that he had decided to quit his job at Nokia last month.

A Nokia spokesman said that Jaaksi's departure will have no impact on the plans to rollout MeeGo devices, with the first one planned for launch before the end of 2010.

Jumped or pushed?

Whether this is the much-vaunted Nokia N9 or something completely different is yet to be seen, although it can't be too helpful if the head of the project quits at this crucial juncture.

"Ari Jaaksi resigned from the company last week," reported Finland's Talous Sanomat.

The (slightly bizarre) Google translation of the report stated that Jasski's departure is nothing to do with the appointment of new CEO, Stephen Elop, and that the two had met before amicably.

Via Talous Sanomat