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Nokia: N97 was a 'tremendous disappointment'

Nokia N97 - not one of Nokia's finest, apparently
Nokia N97 - not one of Nokia's finest, apparently

Nokia has admitted that the N97 has been something of a disappointment since its release last June, and that the company made mistakes.

Speaking to All About Symbian, Anssi Vanjoki, EVP of Markets at Nokia said the company realised the issues and has learnt lessons from the experience.

While pointing to decent margins made in terms of sales and profit on the N97, Vanjoki added: "it has been a tremendous disappointment in terms of the experience quality for the consumers".


The phone was beset with issues when it launched, with freezing firmware, hard to navigate systems and problematic web access.

Firmware updates have fixed issues to some degree, but the phone was still dubbed a failure by many critics.

Vanjoki also stated that the first version of Symbian has been overused, with Nokia using it "for too long, something which should not have been stretched", although it "has been an unbelievable cycle of things for us, that has taken far too long to repair and mitigate."

The good news is that Symbian^3, the next release of the OS from the Open Symbian Foundation, will be a lot more consumer focused, according to Vanjoki, who stated: "we have taken the learnings and when Symbian^3 comes out you can rest assured it will be perfect".

Via All About Symbian