Mystery Nokia cameos in video, could be N8 sequel?

Mystery Nokia cameos in video, could be N8 sequel?
Could this be the N8's successor?

An unannounced Nokia handset has surfaced in a hands on video of another handset, showing off an edge-to-edge screen and a slinky, premium-looking chassis.

We've all been there - just when you're trying to do a legit hands on video of the Nokia 700 with Symbian Belle, you accidentally go and discover an un-released Nokia handset.

As well as the edge-to-edge (or near enough) screen, the mystery Nokia has a silver soft button panel at the base and a fairly petite, curved form factor.

See, Ray?

Because this looks a bit like it could be the follow-up to the Nokia N8, some are suggesting that it could be the Nokia 801 under the Finns' new naming strategy.

It's high time the Nokia N8 had a bit of a refresh, so it's entirely possible that this is a sneak preview of that very handset; will it still have Xenon flash and high quality camera that we were impressed by on the N8?

Regardless of name, the handset is likely to launch with Symbian Belle or its successor, whatever lucky girls' name Nokia deigns to dub it, rather than joining Nokia's upcoming Windows Phone 7 line up.

Tell us what you reckon after you've spotted the slinky new handset at 2:20 in the video below:

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