More 'confirmation' on Galaxy S5 specs appears, along with new accessories

Samsung Galaxy S5
What wonders has Samsung got in store for us?

Brace yourself for this. The handset we've all been calling the Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch under the name...Samsung Galaxy S5.

That utterly unsurprising piece of news has been revealed by reliable Twitter tipster @evleaks, so it's probably true.

But then again, 'obviously going to happen thing happens' isn't good enough to make a news story - so thankfully we've got a little more interesting information to share.

The serial leaker went on to tweet an image of an .apk file from the Galaxy S5 called '3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk'. The interesting part of that is the 'WQHD' in the name, as it may suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a QHD (2560 x 1440) display.

Galaxy S5 .apk

This isn't the first time a QHD display has been rumoured either, so it may well be happening. Of course an apk. file is by no means a confirmation, it could merely be something Samsung is experimenting with for future hardware.

QHD or not QHD?

We've also seen conflicting rumours, as a phone with a very Galaxy S5-sounding model number was spotted by PhoneArena on the website for South Korean network LG U+, where it was listed as having a 1080 x 1920 resolution, which is some way short of QHD.

Though again that's not a confirmation of anything, the listing could have been wrong or could be for a different Samsung handset altogether.

The same tipster also showed a screengrab of an apk called 'Fingerprint service'; while this seems to point to fingerprint scanning as part of the S5, we still think that's unlikely to appear as part of the new handset and could be a piece of code that will apply to future models.

In other Galaxy S5 news, place holder listings for a flip wallet for the handset have appeared on a shopping site called PureMobile. There's no image of exactly what the flip wallets will look like, but they're listed at $21.73 (£13.16) and appear to come in a choice of green, red, white or blue black. Whether those correspond to the colour of the handset remains to be seen.

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